Article “Freddy Merkjuri’s life and creative work”


      Freddi Merkjuri was an outstanding British musician and a talented singer, Indian by origin. He played several musical instruments perfectly well. His creative work closely connected with such styles in music as rock, hard rock, glam rock. He was the best vocalist of the group Queen. At the last period he began to sing even opera.

     I choose this theme for my work, because I am interested in music, especially in creation of Freddie Mercury.

Main part

      Freddi Merkjuri (a real name of Faruh (Faruk) Bulsara) was born on September, 5th, 1946 on island Zanzibar in Balsara’s family. At a birth the boy has received a name of Faruh that means «fine», «happy».   Faruh’s father worked as the cashier at the Supreme Court of England and the Wales (English).  Freddi had a sister Kashmir. The family of Freddi professed ancient Iranian religion.

     In 1954   Faruh went to St. Peter’s school in Panchgani, in 500 kilometers from Bombay, where his friends began to call him Freddi.

      Freddi did well at school, showed interest to music and painting, and constantly did drawings for friends and relatives. Also he sang in school chorus and participated in school theatre

      All sports at St. Peter’s school were typically British.  Freddy preferred hockey, sprint and boxing. In ten years it became the champion of school on table tennis,  and when he was twelve years old he has received a cup for a victory in youthful all-round, and also the reading and writing «for prosperity in all sciences and arts».

      Since early years Freddi was fond of music, singing occupied almost all its free time. St. Peter’s principal has paid attention to musical abilities of Freddi. He has written the letter to parents of the boy in which has suggested to organize for Freddi additional courses on a piano for a small payment. Parents have agreed, and Freddi has started to study.  As a result of training he had received the fourth degree under the theory and practice (English Piano Grade IV) [1].

      In 1958 five friends from St. Peter’s school — Freddi Balsara, Derrik Bransh, Bruce Mjurrej, Farang Irani and Victor Rana have created the first rock group which they named The Hectics. The group played at school evenings, dances and anniversaries.

     In 1962 sixteen-year Freddi has left   St. Peter’s school in Mazagone, and has returned to Zanzibar.  In connection with political disorders in the country family Balsara has departed to Great Britain.

     On August, 13th Freddi has got acquainted with the Liverpool group Ibex. The group included guitarist Mike Berzin, bass guitarist John Taylor by a nickname of Tapp, drummer Mik Smith by a nickname of Miffer (from English miff — to «be angry», «to spoil mood») and one more bass guitarist Jeff Higgins replacing with Tappa when that played a flute. Their manager was Ken Testi. In ten days after a meeting of Freddi already knew all repertoire of the group, he has added some the songs and Lancashire has gone with them on their first joint concert, in Bolton, a county. Their concerts passed in frameworks of annual blues-festival, therefore actions were shined with the press. Concerts Ibex have passed on August, 23rd in theater «Октогон» and on August, 25th in Royal Park. Ibex executed covers-versions of songs of group Cream, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin —   Freddi’s favorites. In September-October, 1969 under the offer of Freddi the group has been renamed in Wreckage. After renaming Wreckage have given some concerts, but soon, in many respects, the group has broken up. Freddi has come on listening. The other participants liked his voice and a manner of moving. He began to take part in group where vocalist-guitarist was Chris Chezni, the bass player the Floor Milne, rhythm guitarist Jeremiah Gellop by a nickname of Rabber and drummer Rob Tirell. After several rehearsals the group has given pair of concerts in Oxford, Chris’s native city.

      Freddi and Chris became friends, and soon Chris has moved on apartment, where Freddi and musicians from Smile lived. Other members Sour Milk Sea didn’t like their friendship; they gave reason for this antipathy. As a result in two months Jeremiah has taken away almost all equipment (as it belonged to him), and on it existence Sour Milk Sea has come to the end. In April, 1970 Tim Staffel has decided to leave Smile, and the place of the vocalist in their group was occupied by Freddi. Under his initiative the group has been renamed in Queen.

      On October, 7th, 1979 the old dream of Freddi has come true — he has acted with Royal ballet (English). For the performance he has chosen songs Bohemian Rhapsody and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. In the end of 1982 group Queen has declared that in 1983 the group would go on leave. Freddi Merkjuri had an idea for a long time to let out a solo album and now for this purpose there was a possibility. In the beginning of 1983 it has started records in studio Musicland Studios in Munich. On July, 13th, 1985 became in the especial afternoon for Queen and Freddi. This day there was great show at stadium of Wembley where there were 75 thousand spectators and many known executors, such as Elton John, Pol MakKartni, David Bowie, Sting, U2 and many other well-known people. The concert was broadcast by whole world television that is it looked more than billion people.  With the performance Queen all observers, journalists have provided to themselves a place in the history.

     In March, 1987 Freddi Merkjuri has met Montserrat Kabale in Barcelona and has presented to her the recording with several new songs. These songs have made strong impression upon Kabale, and she has even executed one of them at a concert in London, in Covent-Garden, as a surprise of Freddi Merkjuri. On October, 8th, 1988 at festival «La Nit» in Barcelona the second joint performance of the rock musician and the opera star has taken place — they have sung three songs: «Golden Boy», «How Can I Go On» and «Barcelona». The author of these songs Mike Moran has performed piano parts to these songs.

     This performance became last occurrence of Freddi Merkjuri before public. By this time the musician already was seriously ill with AIDS. On November, 24th, 1991, about seven o’clock in the evening Freddi Merkjuri has died in the house in London of the bronchial pneumonia which has developed against AIDS. After it became known about his death, thousand people have come to its fencing Garden Lodge to put on paths bunches of flowers, cards, letters and photos.


      On November, 25th, 1996, 5 years later after the death of Freddi Merkjuri, in Montreux (Switzerland) where the musician worked for many years and had a rest, the monument to Freddi Merkjuri has been opened. Originally musicians of Queen planned to erect a monument in London, and within four years they searched a place for it, but they were refused. On June, 18th, 2003 in London near «Dominion Theatre» where the show takes place regularly «We Will Rock You», other monument  about 8 meters high[10] has been opened.

The name of Freddi Merkjuri became original mark in music, a synonym of fate 80s. Many modern singers take image, a performing manner and an image Freddi for the sample, however still nobody managed to achieve the same success what Freddi Merkjuri and «Queen» could reach for 20 years of teamwork.



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